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Education trends and MBA programs

The current pandemic situation across the globe has given a new dimension to teaching and learning.

In the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the entire education system came to a standstill as the traditional face-to-face mode of learning on which the learning was built, came to a halt.

During the pandemic

  • Schools, colleges, and universities were closed as a precaution.
  • Classes came to a halt.
  • Exams were delayed, and
  • Results were not released.

The above factors affected the studies of many students and delayed their progress in their respective schools and universities. This not only affected the current learning of the students, but also affected their progress to their higher studies. Moreover, it affected the students who were on the verge of completing their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree too.

The Education system bounced back strongly from the pandemic effect. Schools and Universities moved to

  • Online mode of learning
  • Online assessment methods
  • Shift from the Descriptive Assessment method to the MCQ method
  • Blended learning pedagogy for a practical method of learning
  • Group discussions and webinars

Also, teaching platforms came to the fore to tackle the situation and ensure a non-disruptive and smooth implementation of learning.

As time has passed, the Online/Blended mode of learning has become one of the essential aspects of today’s learning environment. Steadily, more and more educational institutions are moving to this learning mode; and this trend will rule the Education World in the future and will be effective and successful.

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Sathyamurthy Balasubramanian,

EdTech Professional