Advanced Program in Data Analytics

The Advanced Program in Data Analytics is a 6-month course that offers a comprehensive and in-depth learning experience to equip individuals with the necessary skills to excel in a data-driven business environment. It covers a range of topics such as big data analytics, statistical learning, and data visualization, and also includes real-life business case studies. By combining these elements, the course enables participants to apply the latest analytical techniques in an ever-expanding job market.


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Program Overview

Course Overview 

For students seeking a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to their career in data science, this program is a perfect fit. Acacia University Professional Development Programs (AUPD) offers an Advanced Program in Data Science, which provides valuable employment skills for in-demand data science jobs.

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    Key Features

    The course is designed to teach various techniques, and does not require any prior programming knowledge or rote memorization of formulas or facts. The focus of the course is to provide a practical understanding of data analytics that is applicable across different fields. The program covers important topics such as data analysis, Power BI, data visualization, and regression techniques, which are critical to the job. The training includes supervised, in-depth learning and live sessions led by prominent practitioners and industry experts.


    Training Key Features

    • 80 hours of live instructor-led training
    • 3 industry based projects, 12 assignments, 6 Case Studies
    • 24/7 support and LMS Access
    • Hands-on experience with the latest tools and applied projects
    • Live engagement classes by seasoned academics and professionals
    • 3 guaranteed interviews by Airtics
    • Flexible timing for working professionals
    • EMI option
    • Internship and placement


    What You Will Learn

    • Python for Data Analytics
    • Probability and Statistics
    • Data Cleaning and Preprocessing using Python
    • SQL and DataBases
    • PowerBi
    • Intro to Machine Learning


    Acacia University Professional Development

    Acacia University Professional Development has initiated various programs in partnership with Airtics Education. The wide range of programs aims to upskill millions of students in trending technologies through a blend of theoretical and hands-on knowledge and are taught by leading academicians.


    Skills Covered

    • Word2vec
    • Machine Translation
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Transformers
    • Attention Models
    • Word Embeddings
    • Locality-Sensitive Hashing
    • Vector Space Models
    • Parts-Of-Speech Tagging
    • N-Gram Language Models
    • Autocorrect


    Who Can Apply for the Course?

    Software developers/Programmers, Project Managers, Manual And Automation Test Engineer, Java and net Developer, Informatica, and Business Analysts.


    Database Admin, System Admin, Professionals from Sales, Marketing, Operations.SAP domain expert, Python, Embedded developer, Android/ios developer.


    Tools/ Frameworks/ Libraries

    Scripting tools: Python Programming, SQL

    Data science environment: Anaconda

    IDE shell: Jupyter notebook

    Tools/Libraries: Pandas, NumPy, seaborn, matploltlib, scikit

    Database Integrations: Rest API

    Automated Machine Learning Models: Supervised, Unsupervised


    Application And Use Cases

    Logistics and Delivery

    Web Search or Internet Web results

    Customer segmentation

    Personalised Marketing



    Best suited for those passionate about starting a career in Data Analysis. Special interest in math, statistics, or computer science will certainly stand learners in good stead. But none of these is a prerequisite.




    General Requirements:

    • No prior experience is required!
    • Basic computer skills like managing files, navigating the Internet, and running programs will be useful.
    • We’ll teach you everything you need to know, but the difficulty level of the projects may vary based on your familiarity with some of the content that is covered.
    • Successful completion of this program requires a commitment to stay on pace, complete projects, and finish the program within 3 months. See more details in the program FAQ.


    Hardware Requirements:

    • Computer running OS X or Windows


    Partners of this Programme

    Acacia University

    Acacia University located in Arizona, United States, has been a pioneer and leader in distance education since 2000. Stands as a symbol of regeneration, perseverance, and integrity, it aims to provide accessible, quality education to a multicultural, global learning community through online/distance learning.

    Designed by educators to envisage the possibilities of the learner’s career, the educational programs offered by Acacia are affordable, accredited, convenient, supportive, and relevant. Acacia University envisions a change by empowering learners to expand their abilities, revive their passion in their respective fields, and develop their capacities for new roles.


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    Course Resources

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    Program Details

    A three-year, practical-based degree applicable to a wide range of sectors. It equips you with the opportunity to develop the IT skills required to manage and improve your performance in a business environment.

    Learning Path

    Module 1
    Hands-on core python and python libraries for data
    Module 2
    Mathematics and Statistics for Data Treatments
    Module 3
    Data visualization and Database management (SQL)
    Module 4
    Exploratory Data Analysis
    Module 5
    Capstone Project
    Capstone Projects Insurance Pricing Forecast Store Sales Forecasting Airline Dataset Analysis And Predicting Flight Delays What is included in this course? Live Training from Experts Industry based projects Curriculum designed by industry experts Internships & Guaranteed interviews Internationally valued certification

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