Frequently Asked Questions

What are the courses/programs offered by the University?

At present, we offer MBA Program to students. At a later point in time, we will offer more programs with respect to bachelor’s and Master’s.

What are the other fees need to be paid apart from tuition fee?

The University charges the Registration at the time of application. But, once the eligibility is confirmed, the paid registration fee will be adjusted in the tuition fees. In case the student is not eligible for the admission, the registration fees paid will be refunded back to the student.

Am I supposed to travel to the campus to study?

No, you can contact our nearest satellite study center who will make arrangements for you to study from our satellite study center.

Is there any Application fee?

There will not be any application fees for the admission.

What is the duration of the course/program?

The MBA program can be done in 9 to 18 months. It varies from Satellite study center to study center.

What is the medium of instruction in the classes?

Classes will be conducted using English medium.

Is there any provision for concessions or scholarships?

The fees provided by the University is after concession only. So, there would not be more scholarship.

Can an NRI/Foreign Nationals student pay the program /tuition fee in Local Currency?

The fees needs to be paid in USD equivalent. Also, you need to pay the fees to your satellite study center and they will pay it to us.

How to apply and from where do I get the application?

You need to contact our nearest satellite study center who will help you in applying for the admission.

Who can apply for the Admission?

Students who have completed a bachelor’s program in any stream can apply for the admission to MBA.

What is the total number of seats for each Program? Is there any limitation on the number of seats?

There are no limitations on the number of seats for admission. In addition, since the admission happens through our satellite study centers, we will have different batches in the center to accommodate students in the center.

Do you have entrance exam for the admission to the program?

No, there is no entrance exam for the admission to the program.

Will my certificate, after completion of my program, mention online degree in it?

No the certificate or transcript received will not mention it as an online degree.

Whom should I contact for details regarding admission?

You need to contact our satellite study center in your location, which is near to you for details regarding the admission.

Do you offer conditional admissions to students who are awaiting their Bachelor Transcripts?

Yes, we will offer conditional admission to students who are awaiting their Bachelor’s transcripts. But the admission will get completed only on receipt of the required documents, transcripts and certificates.

Where do I send my bachelor’s transcripts and certificates, for the eligibility check for admission?

You need to send the copies of the transcripts and certificate to our satellite study center. They will send them to us for the eligibility check.

Is the eligibility, decided on my transcripts?

Yes, our H.O. team will check the transcripts and certificates and then revert on the eligibility.

What is the Tuition Fee Payment Schedule?

You will have your Tuition fee payment schedule discussed and decided during your interaction with our Satellite study center. They will assist you with the installment plans after discussion.

Can I connect with the faculty members for career guidance?

Yes, you can connect with the faculty members for your career guidance.

Can I pursue this program from anywhere in the world?

As the learning will be in blended mode, you can study from anywhere in the world. The only requirement is the country where you want to study should have our satellite study center for you to pursue the program.

Does one get to interact with other learners?

Yes, you can interact with other learners/students in your satellite study center.