Five ways a blended MBA program will boost your career

Blended MBA Programs in UAE boost your career

Are you worried about missing the exclusive experience of studying full-time in a prestigious business school? Is it crucial to leave your job and enroll in a business school for an MBA?

While most professionals opt MBA for post-graduation, they always encounter the never-ending combat between online and full-time courses. You cannot enjoy the business school experience with online programs, while to attend the full-time course, you need to sacrifice your job. Either way, you must compromise.

But not anymore!

A blended MBA program brings together the best of both worlds. With 70% full-time course delivery and 30% online programs, you can complete your post-graduation more flexibly. In addition, you can continue with your job without compromising anything. 

Let’s have a look at the top five benefits of the blended MBA programs

Flexible course program delivery

When you opt for a blended MBA, you can attend classes, listen to business lectures, or participate in various activities more flexibly. For example, if you have to attend your office without fail, you can attend the pre-recorded lectures online without disrupting your work and academic life.

On a similar note, when you have holidays or less work pressure, you can attend business school for physical classes. Either way, you can continue your regular lifestyle without missing important lectures.

Not missing the traditional business school experience

Some students worry about missing an online MBA program’s traditional business school experience. This can include full-time support from faculties, group discussions, debates, and so on. MBA is not just about theories and lectures, but practical approaches like networking, discussions, etc. A blended MBA sounds more feasible, as you can attend physical and online classes for the best traditional school experience.

Excellent networking opportunities

Networking is one of the key mantras to succeed as an MBA graduate. However, regular online classes cannot help you expand your network and collaboration. This is where a blended MBA comes into play. Building a network with other experts won’t be a hassle, as you can attend physical classes.

Besides, you can share your opinions and ideas or imbibe knowledge from others. A good network can open up several opportunities for you, from career options to business connections.

A better global reputation

A full-time MBA follows traditional education delivery. It will always have a higher weightage than online programs. This is because the online certificates are not given priority, or the professionals fail to enjoy all benefits. The blended MBA would be a good choice.

It offers both flexibility and higher global recognition in the career field. You can apply for job posts from top-notch companies all around the world. If you want to study further, there won’t be any hurdles.

Access to the international market

With a blended MBA program, you can access the international market. You can attend lectures from global industry experts without any hassle. Moreover, you can even opt for internships or business lectures and hands-on at global companies.

Key takeaway

While a blended MBA is a new course program, you will undoubtedly enjoy studying the subjects and continue your job with no sacrifice. Adapting to the physical and online class routines might take some time, but you will still find the course rewarding.