MBA Graduates and the Scope of Remote Career Opportunities

MBA Graduation and Remote jobs

Remote work is encouraged by many organizations due to its positive effects on productivity and work-life balance. Many employees have always desired the opportunity to work remotely as it allows them to shorten their commute, stay closer to their families, and work comfortably from their own homes. The increasing desire for remote work and advancements in telecommunications technology like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have made working remotely almost the standard practice.

In today’s world, numerous jobs can be performed remotely. So the question is not about the availability of work-from-home positions but rather which ones align with your degree. If you hold a master’s degree in business administration, there are several job opportunities where your expertise is in demand, and remote work is possible.

Let’s now explore some remote job options for MBA graduates.

10 Remote MBA Jobs

Below is a list of 10 remote MBA jobs that either prefer or require an advanced MBA degree

1. Marketing Manager

A career in marketing has the potential to be highly lucrative. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, advertising, promotions, and marketing managers are projected to experience a 10% growth rate from 2023 to 2031. This is due to the ongoing need for companies to grow their brand presence. A bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite for these roles. Possessing an advanced degree can differentiate you from other candidates.

Marketing and product managers are crucial in understanding and enhancing their company’s brand and offerings. They collaborate across various departments, including finance, to make strategic decisions. The advent of video conferencing platforms has made it easier than ever to connect with remote teams. Also, various digital marketing tools enable project managers to effectively handle content creation, collaboration, and data analysis right from their computers.

Combining an undergraduate degree in marketing with an MBA can provide aspiring marketing managers with a solid foundation for a successful career, whether in a marketing agency or as part of an in-house marketing department.

2. Financial Advisor

If you are passionate about assisting businesses in enhancing and sustaining their financial competitiveness, you can achieve this objective from the comfort of your home office. With an MBA degree, you gain the financial knowledge needed to generate informative financial reports and develop investment strategies that align with your organization’s goals.

The availability of appropriate technology allows you to perform these tasks remotely. For instance, you can access various tools, such as Microsoft Excel, easily from your laptop. You can collaborate with your team through videoconferencing, and share reports online. Alternatively, you can work as a freelance advisor, offering financial expertise to businesses in need.

Given the impact of inflation, many businesses and individuals are seeking the expert guidance of financial advisors to navigate these challenging times.

3. Sales Consultant

While not always necessary, having an MBA can contribute to earning a higher salary as a sales consultant, much like in marketing roles. With an MBA and a few years of experience, you can enhance your sales skills and position yourself for a remote career path. In today’s business landscape, many companies have adjusted their sales cycles and customer service strategies to incorporate digital processes in lieu of in-person events.

If a consulting firm employs you, you may utilize specialized software to monitor sales and market trends, enabling you to suggest strategy improvements. Alternatively, you could work as an independent sales consultant, collaborating with clients on a contractual basis. As numerous industries face an uncertain future in sales, there is a growing demand for innovative approaches to enhance processes. This presents an opportunity to apply your MBA expertise and contribute to their success.

4. Supply Chain Manager

In the supply chain sector, many jobs require hands-on work that cannot be done remotely. However, with the right infrastructure, many office-based employees including supply chain managers can work from home.

Supply chain officers often rely on corporate supply chain management software and enterprise resource planning systems to manage their backend operations. Since most of these applications are already cloud-based, establishing remote work arrangements becomes relatively straightforward. With the use of a secure VPN, individuals can access their company’s network, collaborate on documents, and manage supply chain operations efficiently from the comfort of their home offices.

5. Health Services Manager

Do you know your MBA degree can be applied to the healthcare industry? Healthcare managers are responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the business activities of healthcare providers. While they are not doctors or physicians, they play a vital role in ensuring the efficiency of operations in healthcare facilities.

In this field, a master’s degree is preferred as it requires expertise in both business operations and healthcare-specific processes. It is important to note that opportunities in this position are consistently increasing.

As a health services manager, it’s not always necessary to be physically present at a healthcare facility, which is a unique aspect of this role. You can effectively coordinate activities remotely with access to digital workflows and calendars. This is one of the few remote MBA jobs where you can save lives and enhance patient care.

6. Human Resources Manager

HR managers understand that their role depends on building connections with employees, which can still be achieved remotely. The availability of video conferencing apps and online chat platforms simplifies the process of scheduling meetings with employees and conducting essential HR functions like hiring and conducting interviews.

If an HR manager has a reliable internet connection and access to their company’s network, they should be able to retrieve necessary forms and access employee records. HR managers can accomplish this remotely when uploading new training materials or updated employee orientation guides by utilizing shared drives such as Google Drive.

While working remotely as an HR manager, it is important to communicate to employees that you are accessible for conversations. Dedicate time in your calendar for availability and recurring meetings to stay connected with the remote workforce and gain insights on continually enhancing the employee experience.

7. Public Relations Director

In an agency setting, a bachelor’s degree is typically sufficient for a career in public relations. However, an MBA is often required to take on the role of a PR director. PR directors oversee the PR team and implement strategies to enhance a brand’s visibility. Videoconferencing applications and digital document sharing make collaborating with teams easy.  Keeping up with market trends, monitoring brand performance, and maintaining partner relationships are all possible even when you work remotely.

As a PR director, each day brings new challenges and opportunities. Given the current circumstances, it is important to keep in mind the role of relationship-building and creating compelling content. Your MBA program can equip you with the necessary skills to do so effectively.

8. Information Systems Manager

Information systems professionals are crucial in determining a business’s information technology goals and implementing computer systems to achieve them. According to Zippia’s cloud adoption statistics, an impressive 94% of enterprises are utilising cloud services, with 67% of their infrastructure now being cloud-based. Furthermore, 92% of businesses already have a multi-cloud strategy in place or are in the process of implementing one.

These statistics bring positive news for information systems managers who are working remotely. With systems hosted in the cloud, secure access becomes more convenient, even when not physically present in the office. This makes it an ideal remote job opportunity for MBA graduates with expertise in technology.

9. Compensation and Benefits Manager

An MBA can open doors to specialized business roles, such as compensation and benefits coordination. Every company aiming to attract and retain top talent requires a dedicated manager to strategize and oversee employee compensation programs.

Numerous digital applications facilitate seamless coordination of compensation, benefits, and perks between managers and employees online. Remote research and planning of compensation programs are easily achievable, with the added advantage of utilizing digital tools and conducting online meetings to track progress and gauge employee engagement. Keeping up with the latest trends in employee benefits is a crucial part of this position, and having access to computers and excellent research skills is incredibly valuable.

10. Any Executive Position

It is essential to have an MBA and years of experience when applying for executive positions. As a technology officer, chief marketing officer, or chief financial officer, it’s crucial to possess expert knowledge in your field. However, it is equally important to have a clear path to achieve success as a visionary leader.

When operating remotely, department and general staff meetings can foster collaboration strategies. Use video calls as often as possible to connect with your team. Additionally, exploring other tools for information sharing can also be helpful.

and test other tools to help with information sharing.

Unlock Your Career Potential with an MBA

The modern job market offers numerous opportunities for remote MBA positions.  Many organizations are encouraging remote work due to its positive effects on productivity and work-life balance. This creates a mutually beneficial situation for employees and organizations.

It is never too late to embark on a journey in higher education. Discover more about the application process for an online MBA from Plymouth Marjon University, UK, and explore how an advanced degree can propel your remote work career.