The Difference Between MBA and Executive MBA

MBA and executive MBA

Have you ever come across universities talking about MBA and Executive MBA? Have you wondered what the difference between these two is? Most of the time, students come across these two terms and have no knowledge on the difference between the two programs.
Let us quickly have a look in detail about these two courses and compare them for a better understanding. This will help MBA aspirants to choose the correct program and benefit from it.

Normal MBA

  • Normally, it is a Master’s degree course offered by Universities that gives complete knowledge and understanding of Business and Management.
  • This program uses both – theoretical and practical approaches of learning.
  • This program is a full-time program and is of long duration (Normally around 2-3 years). The classes for this program are conducted throughout the year.
  • The fees to this program is normally high and is not suited for students who have financial constraints.
  • For this program there is a strict eligibility criterion in terms of grades in Bachelor’s program, as well as qualification through an Entrance Exam.
  • This program is mostly suited for students who have completed their Bachelors’ program and wish to pursue their Master’s in Business Management for better job prospects.

Executive MBA

  • Executive MBA is a postgraduate program mainly for working professionals who wish to upskill themselves. This program is suited for executives, managers, leaders and other professionals.
  • This program stresses on practical approach to learning for students.
  • It is a part-time program and comparatively of short duration (9-18 months). The classes are conducted on weekends or part-time and the fees for this program is comparatively lower than the normal MBA.
  • Admission to Executive MBA is with an eligibility of graduation and a minimum work experience in the relevant field of work.
  • Executive MBA is mainly useful for experienced professionals who wish to enhance their skills and/or get a career boost either in their current job or through a change in job after its completion.

Sathyamurthy Balasubramanian,

EdTech Professional


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